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Thanks to Tuna Erlat, my bro, who helped me a lot in this section. I render ideas through video, and yet, sometimes, the ideas are obscure and off limits. I have an award for one video from Eastern Mediterranean University, Interior architecture department. I also made one more for the citylab class which I took at the BAC.

The video defines a concept made for a mosque. The project concept came from mysticism. I used mystical steps: classic Sufi doctrine, the mystical path and experimentation, trying to envision these steps through the motion of the camera in a solitary space which both inscribes and describes people’s subconscious, in which they can lose their way. The truth on the mystical path is only judged, learned and experimented by those who are the true believers. At the end of the video, a sign in Turkish on the door says “for business only.”

This is my story of Boston. It is an old city, having a great deal of historic places. One of them is Beacon Hill, where brick homes rise up out of the Hub. This place was actually a hill, although it may seem unlikely today. Bostonians leveled the hill to provide fill to reclaim land from the Charles and create the astronomically-priced Back Bay. The video was filmed from Beacon Hill’s perspective and its feeling of nature being wrenched from it.



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