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Hey architects, there is no architecture anymore. There is a collaboration!





As a junior designer and a budding artist, I am venturing into this world through this page, which includes my work to date.
Mustafa KAPLAN- a human
I have been inhabiting the Earth since the 90s.
Where are my pens, pencils, and papers? Oh, here they are:  Ps, Ai, Id, Autocad, Revit, sketchup and Rhino, among others…Wait a minute! The holy computer is whispering to me; clicking the mouse at me, click! click! click! -to draw, to produce, to envision, to use creativity. Hey! Hold on, damn it!, should I have saved all my files before the review, the final or did I back it up?OMG, I think I got a virus… A ton of stuff like this, with which designers struggle, today, is inevitable, unfortunately. So, the fiend of the new era is a gigantic digital world in which everything comes with pixels or vectors. The architectural field has succumbed to this, as well. Parametricism has led designers to opening  the door to this world. Thanks to BIM and a lot of software, there are a great deal of not only hermetic designs, which have taken hold of humankind’s creativity and traded penciled lines for copy and paste, hiding lines which will never be discovered. At the end of the day, everything in this field boils down to zeroes and ones, whether it be a 300-million dollar tower, or merely a bus stop.

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